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? >> that is an 11 year-old from texas belting out the star spangled banner ahead of a major league soccer match in texas on saturday. critics are blasting it as the worst condition ever. she admits that it was not her best performance because she could not hear herself over the noise around her. and that would be difficult if you cannot hear yourself. but she is also 11. i have to give her major credit for getting up there and sing. >> she is booked on david letterman and conan o'brien. >> has she really? >> no. >> i'm going to predict that she will come out and redeem yourself. >> that is the hardest on ever to sing. >> liam: hope, look at me. >> liam: i screwed up. i made the mistake of a lifetime, and i'm asking you to forgive me. just don't let this tear us apar because i love you, and i want to be married to you. and i'm just...
territory. looking to collect $4 million at a handful of fund-raising stops in texas. monday he took in an olympic exhibition basketball game after hammering mitt romney at a town hall in ohio. >> his plan would actually encourage companies to shift more of their operations to foreign tax havens greeting 800,000 jobs in those other countries. >> the president told voters in cincinnati that there have never been to more different visions for the country. >> your the tiebreaker. the choice is up to you. >> mitt romney is campaigning in the swing state of pennsylvania today. trying to take the focus off of his business record and put it on the president's economic record. >> i think it is finally time for us to talk about his record, the failure he has had in being able to create jobs and get rising incomes again. >> some republicans have started to say that these attacks focusing on mitt romney's time as ceo of paint capital are sticking to the gop candidate like velcro. but other mitt romney's supporters say that the polls tell a different story. >> a mitt romney won the nomination de
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2